The United States of America is a nation of 50 states, covering a huge part of North America, with Alaska located in the northwest and Hawaii expanding into the Pacific Ocean. Major cities are New York, a global and cultural center point, and capital Washington, DC. Chicago is famous for compelling architecture and Los Angeles is the hub of Hollywood and known for its amazing quality of life.

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The United States rose up out of the thirteen British settlements set up along the East Coast. Various disputes between Great Britain and the states following the French and Indian War prompted the American Revolution, which started in the year 1775, and the consequent Declaration of Independence in the year 1776.

It is a highly developed nation, with the world’s biggest economy in terms of GDP, representing around a fourth of global GDP. The U.S. economy is to a great extent post-industrial, portrayed by the strength of service, in spite of the fact that the manufacturing sector remains the second-biggest on the planet.


To get the accurate population figures of USA in the year 2019, the population numbers of the past 5 years needs to analyzed and calculated. They are as follows:

  1. 2014 – 318.9 Million
  2. 2015 – 320 Million
  3. 2016 – 324 Million
  4. 2017 – 325.98 Million
  5. 2018 - 327.876 Million

Looking at the data figures from 2014-18, it is noticeable that there has been an increase of 8.976 Million in the past 5 years. Therefore, it has been seen that every year the population of the country goes up by 1.7952 Million. Hence, the population of the USA in the year 2019 is expected to be 327.876 Million + 1.7952 Million = 329.6712 Million. Therefore, the population of the USA in 2019 according to estimates= 329.6712 Million.

US Population 2019 – 329.6712 Million (Estimated)


The language usually spoken is English, which is the fundamental language of about 83% of American occupants. Spanish is basically the main language for 12% of inhabitants and Chinese is the primary dialect of about 0.69%.

There is a wide range of Native American dialects. The most generally spoken is Southern Quechua, utilized by around 7 million individuals. Even though authoritative reports are regularly written in English, the United States has no official dialect at the government level.

While the Protestant/Christian convention is the majority at 49%, there are numerous types of Christianity. There are various minority religions in the United States. Judaism is the religion with 2% of the population, yet Jewish culture is very noticeable. Other minorities incorporate Islam (0.8%) and Mormonism (1.8%), while smaller numbers recognize as Buddhists, Hindus and numerous different religions.


The population density stands at 33 persons per square kilometer. Growth in terms of the Hispanic and Asian populations is anticipated to practically triple throughout the following 40 years.

The Census Report predicts that the percentage of the US population in terms of foreign-born will keep on expanding, achieving 19% by 2060. This expansion in the outside born population will represent a substantial share of the general population growth.

The population of America entered a time of moderate growth as of late, with growth averaging fairly more than 0.7 % in 2010 as indicated by an examination of data reports.


  1. The museum which is the most visited in the United States is the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, which gets 9 million guests every year. It is the second most visited historical center on the planet.

  2. The coastline of Alaska is longer than the coastlines of the rest of the states set up together. The Frozen North as Alaska is called is additionally the biggest state by region.

  3. The Pentagon is the biggest office building on the planet, comprising 17 miles of passageways and double the space of the Empire State Building.

  4. There are 3 times more cows as compared to people in the province of Montana.

  5. Hawaii is the lone state that develops coffee commercially. In addition to its vibrant coffee industry, Hawaii boasts a diverse range of entertainment options, including world-class casinos that offer thrilling gaming experiences. According to Casinos mit 500% Bonus, online casinos also offer the most attractive bonus offers in 2023.



California as a state is the most populated in the United States. The state likewise happens to be one of the quickest developing in the nation. It is the third biggest state as per land territory. The economy is focused on real estate, finance, business administrations, and the film business. With such vigorous monetary activities, the population will undoubtedly be high as individuals hope to utilize the accessible opportunities. On the off chance that California was a nation, it would rank as the sixth biggest economy on the planet, and such is the pulling factors that draw in individuals to California. Read more about California Population 2019.


Texas is the second most populated state in the whole of the US. The state was previously related to the dairy cattle industry, yet oil revelations in the state started a monetary flood toward the start of the twentieth century. The state of Texas put resources into education and had formed into a broadened economy, driving in numerous ventures, for example, electronics, aviation, and biomedical sciences. The solid economy and distinctive economic opportunities continue drawing in individuals to the state. Read more about Texas Population 2019.


Florida is listed 3rd as the most populated state in the whole of the United States. In the event that it was a nation, Florida would be the sixteenth biggest economy on the planet and the 58th populated country. In addition to its economic and demographic significance, Florida is also known for its popularity in the realm of casino gaming. The state attracts numerous enthusiasts who enjoy the excitement and entertainment provided by en güvenilir online casino siteleri (most reliable online casino sites). With its vibrant tourism industry and diverse population, Florida offers a fertile ground for the thriving casino gaming scene.

Florida is particular for its huge Cuban community and high population growth, just as for its expanding ecological issues. The state’s economy depends primarily on the travel industry, horticulture, and transportation, which went on a rise in the late nineteenth century. Read more about Florida Population 2019.


New York State is situated in the Northeastern United States. The state was one of the first Thirteen Colonies that shaped the United States. It is the fourth most crowded state. To recognize the state from the city in the state with a similar name, it is some of the time called New York State.

New York state had been possessed by clans of Algonquian and Iroquoian-speaking Native Americans for a few hundred years when the earliest Europeans came over here to settle down. Read more about New York Population 2019.


Pennsylvania is a state situated in the northeastern locales of the United States. It is the 33rd-biggest state by territory and the fourth most crowded state as per the latest data reports. The state of Pennsylvania is one of the 13 unique founding states of the country; it came into existence in 1681 because of a regal land grant to William Penn, the child of the state’s namesake. Read more about Pennsylvania Population 2019.



New York City is the most populated in the country. The city is likewise the most densely populated significant city in the United States. The city of New York is the focal point of the New York metropolitan zone.

The city follows its starting points to an exchanging post established by settlers from the Dutch Republic in the year 1624 on Lower Manhattan; the post was named New Amsterdam in the year of 1626. The city of New York and its surroundings went under English control in 1664. Home to the central command of the United Nations, it is an imperative center for global diplomacy. Read more about New York City Population 2019.


Los Angeles is the most crowded city in California and the second most crowded city in the whole of the United States. It is the social and business focal point of Southern California. Known as the City of Angels, the city is known for its Mediterranean atmosphere, ethnic diversity, and Hollywood.

Los Angeles as a city is one of the biggest financial powers inside the United States, with a diverse economy in an expansive range of expert and social fields. Read more about Los Angeles Population 2019.


Chicago as a city is the 3rd most populated city in the United States. Situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago was consolidated as a city in 1837 close to a portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River watershed and developed quickly in the mid-nineteenth century.

It is a global center point for the business, industry, innovation, media communications, and transportation. It was the site of the making of the main institutionalized future contracts at the Chicago Board of Trade, which today is the biggest and most diverse derivatives market on the planet, producing 20% of all volume in financial futures and commodities. Read more about Chicago Population 2019.


Houston is the most crowded city in the state of Texas and the fourth populated city in the United States. The entry of the twentieth century saw a union of monetary components which resulted in fast development in Houston, including a prospering port and railway industry and also the oil boom in Texas. The city’s economy has an expansive modern base in manufacturing, energy, and transportation. Read more about Houston Population 2019.


Phoenix is the capital of the province of Arizona. It is the fifth most populated city across the country, the most crowded state capital in the whole of the United States. Settled in 1867 as a farming community close to the juncture of the Salt and Gila Rivers, Phoenix joined as a city in the year of 1881. The city turned into the capital of Arizona Territory in 1889.

The city of Phoenix had a four percent yearly population growth rate over a 40-year time span from the mid-1960s to the mid-2000s. Phoenix city has long sweltering summers and short, gentle to warm winters. The city is situated inside the sunniest part on the planet. The city also has some of the most fascinating attractions.

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