Population of Concord 2019

Concord is the capital of the state of New Hampshire. As of the 2010 reports, the city’s population was 42,695. The city incorporates the towns of Penacook and West Concord. It is additionally home to the University Of New Hampshire School Of Law. The zone that would be Concord was at first settled a generous number of years back by Abenaki Native Americans. The clan searches for salmon and alewives with nets hung over the rapids of the Merrimack River. The city has a considerable number of schools and great universities.

population of Concord 2019

The city is additionally an incredible place to look at a portion of the captivating grand views and a lot of places to check out from the local market to know about the pace of activity in the city to numerous places to go for all age groups and have an amazing time with your family.


To discover the right numbers as far as the number of inhabitants in Concord in 2019, we need to get the population information of the most recent 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2014 –43,154
  2. 2015 –42,620
  3. 2016 – 42,602
  4. 2017 – 42,587
  5. 2018 - 42,572

We go through the population of Concord from the period of 2014-18 and we clearly notice that the population has decreased by 582 in the past 5 years. From this, it has been seen that the population goes down by 116.4. So, the number of people in Concord in 2019 is expected to be 42,572 - 116.4 = 42,455.6. Consequently, the population figure in Concord in the year of 2019 as per numbers = 42,455.6.

Concord Population 2019 - 42,455.6 Million (estimated)


As demonstrated by the 2010 enrollment, there were 17,592 families out of which 28% had young people less than 18 years old living with them, 11.6% had a female householder with no life accomplice present and 42.9% were non-families. 33% of all families were comprised of people and 12% were living exclusively who was 65 years old or above.


The population density is 256.1 persons per square kilometer. In 2013 the city had a better than average national population growth since the time of the Great Depression. The city winds up being an able contender in the national field of growth. The report of 2014 found that the city is the seventh fastest growing city in the United States. The city is encountering a population growth at a moderate pace and it is assessed that the city will have a higher rate of population growth in the coming years.


  1. Concord as a city has long cold winters and acceptably warm summer. In winter, dynamic storms pass on light to coordinate snowfall wholes.

  2. The city is represented by strategies for the administrator board framework. The city board includes 14 individuals, ten of which are picked over single-part wards, while the other four are picked on the loose. The mayor is chosen at typical interims.

  3. The detested gadget of workday morning’s or also known as the wake up clock was made out here in 1787 by Levi Hutchins.

  4. Two notable space travelers in the form of Alan Shepard and Christa McAuliffe were from Concord and were very well known for their work in space.

  5. The singular U.S. president from New Hampshire lived in Concord. His past living home is kept up today as an inconceivable instance of mid-nineteenth century design and it is kept open to the overall population.

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