Population of Olympia 2019

Olympia is the capital city of Washington and it is also the area seat of Thurston County. The population of the city was about 46,478 in the 2010 records. It borders Lacey to the east and Tum water toward the south. It is an imperative social hub of the Puget Sound an area.

It is the largest city in the state of Washington and falls inside the edges of the Seattle CSA. When the Washington Territory was bound in 1853, the city was in a brief instant chosen as the capital by Gov. Isaac Stevens. Olympia has a rich past from multiple points of view.

population of Olympia 2019

The Europeans came here in 1792 and settled down with a large number of groups and also took control. Additionally, it is a great city to visit and look around the corners of Olympia with its amazing unique structures that will remind you of its past. The city also boasts of several attractions that can be fun for you.


To discover the total number of people in Olympia in 2019, we have to access the data figures of the last 5 years. They are as follows:

  1. 2014 –48,664
  2. 2015 –50,302
  3. 2016 – 51,066
  4. 2017 – 51,838
  5. 2018 - 52,606

While looking at the population of Olympia from 2014-18, you can see that the population has gone on a rise by 3942 in the previous 5 years.  By this, the population goes upwards by 788.4 every year. So, the total population in Olympia in 2019 is expected to be 52,606 + 788.4 = 53,394.4. Hence, the population of Olympia in 2019 as per the figures = 53,394.4.

Olympia Population 2019 - 53,394.4 Million (estimated)


As of the enrollment of 2010, there were 46,478 individuals and 10,672 families living in the city. The racial mix of Olympia was 82% White, 5% Black, 6% Asian, 0.9% Native American and 5% from no less than two races. Hispanics comprised of 6.3% of the total population in the city.


The population density of Olympia is 1007 persons per square kilometer. The city had the most dazing rate of growth among the state’s metropolitan zones in 2007 as indicated by data numbers. At the present time, it is having an average population growth rate and it is quite expected that this will continue for a while.


  1. Olympia isn’t at all like different other state capitals. For a specific something, it isn’t among the most populated urban areas in the state. In different states, the capital city is for the most part in the essential 10 urban areas.

  2. Different individuals think Kurt Cobain was from Seattle and Nirvana was made there. As a general rule, he was actually born in Aberdeen. This was an unsettled logging town and in actuality influenced his life. Cobain moved in here, where he and his buddy known as Krist Novoselic developed the exceptional band. Cobain died here in Seattle.

  3. Olympia comprises of two Sister Cities, both in Asia. They are Yashiro Town in Japan and NanChang in China and have been along these lines since August 2010.

  4. Right when the Washington Territory was restricted in 1853, the city was in a brief moment chosen as the capital.

  5. The Port of Olympia is right now toward the start of a vital update plant with entire arrangement recommendations to the community. The course of action was grasped on in November 2012 and it is relied upon to be wrapped up by 2025.

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