Population of Trenton 2019

Trenton is the capital of New Jersey. The city was also the capital of the United States for a short span of time. Boundaries were made as of March 2, 1720 and the Freeholders of Hunterdon County met every year in Trenton. Trenton as a city became the capital of the state of New Jersey in 1790, and it was framed within Trenton Township in 1792.

population of Trenton 2019

Trenton has some quiet places and also some good malls to go for some shopping and collect some of the things from Trenton. Also, you can hire a cycle as it is very common in the city and take a full tour of the city for a mere less amount of money.


To discover the right numbers as far as the number of inhabitants in Trenton in 2019, we need to get the population information of the most recent 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2014 –85,143
  2. 2015 –84,225
  3. 2016 – 840, 85
  4. 2017 – 83,943
  5. 2018 - 83,803

We go through the population of Trenton from the period of 2014-18 and we clearly notice that the population has reduced by 1340 in the past 5 years. From this, it has been seen that the population goes down each year by 268. So, the number of people in Trenton in 2019 is expected to be 83,803 - 268 = 83,535. Consequently, the population figure in Trenton in the year of 2019 as per numbers = 83,535.

Trenton Population 2019 - 83,535 Million (estimated)


As per the 2010 United States Census, there were 84,913 individuals and 17,747 families living here. The racial blend of Trenton was 26.56% White, 50% African American, 2.70% Native American and around 15% from different races. Hispanics of any race comprised of 33.71% of the total population in the city of Trenton.


The population density is 4286 persons per square kilometer. Moreover, the measure of white people dropped to 22,549, a diminishing of 19 percent. The number of black individuals dropped by not definitely a rate point, anyway regardless of all that they remain the city’s biggest gathering at 44,160. The measure of Asians rose to some degree more than 1,000. This drop in whites has some way or another incited a slower rate of population growth in the city. It is normal that the city will experience a barely better rate of population growth very soon.


  1. The military clash between Great Britain and the settlements of North America happened amidst the Revolutionary War. It occurred on December 26, 1776, in Trenton. The criticalness of this occasion was that the American troops adequately battled against the British powers as a segment of a strike driven by General George Washington at the Delaware River.

  2. The city is the site of two or three specific headways. The I-bar was made there. Diverse improvements that happened in Trenton incorporate Bayer Aspirin and the pork roll.

  3. The city was given a name in the form of Trenton Makes the World Takes amidst the 1920s. This occurred because of the way Trenton changed into a manufacturing center in the undertakings of steel and earthenware production.

  4. The city was the zone of the primary public reading of the Declaration of Independence, preceding Philadelphia. The city was moreover the locale where the first ever Basketball game was played during 1896.

  5. Acclaimed individuals who were born out here in the city incorporate the likes of Dennis Rodman and Troy Vincent.

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