Population of Columbia 2019

Columbia is the capital of South Carolina. It fills in as the territory seat of Richland County and a part of Columbia reaches out into neighboring Lexington County. The city is found around 21 km northwest part of the state of South Carolina and it is the primary city of the Midlands zone of South Carolina. The city is located at the intersection purpose of the Saluda River and the Broad River. In 1860, it was the region of the South Carolina Secession Convention which demonstrated the departure of the central state from the Union in the occasions getting ready to the Civil War. A few organizations have their headquarters in Columbia, joining Accident Insurance Company, the second-most noteworthy insurance organization in the United States.

population of Columbia 2019

The city has a well known park in the form of Finlay Park. The recreation center has likewise encouraged many things everything from road races, festivals and various Easter Sunrise associations. Additionally, there are numerous old shops and attractions that one should visit while being in the city as it gives you a feel of the real side of Columbia.


To discover the total number of people in Columbia in 2019, we have to access the data figures of the last 5 years. They are as follows:

  1. 2014 –134,090
  2. 2015 –133,803
  3. 2016 –134,309
  4. 2017 – 136,017
  5. 2018 - 136,887

Checking the population of Columbia from 2014-18 and it has been seen that the population has increased by 2797 in the previous 5 years.  By that, the population each year on an average goes up by 559.4. So, the total number of people living in Columbia in the year 2019 is expected to be 136,887 + 559.4 = 137,446.4. Hence, the population of Columbia in the year 2019 as per data figures = 137,446.4.

Columbia Population 2019 - 137,446.4 Million (estimated)


As of the evaluation of 2010, there were 129,272 individuals and furthermore 22,638 families living in Columbia. The racial mix was 51% White, 44% African American and 2% from no less than two races. Hispanics were of around 4.30% of the total population in the city.


The population density of Columbia is 377.5 persons per square kilometer. The population growth rate has been going pretty normal and one reason behind that is the large number of migration. It has been evaluated that the city will encounter a high population growth rate, which will incite more number of people living in the city of Columbia.


  1. Columbia’s Havemeyer 309 lecture passageway is where a substantial bit of the Hollywood movies like, Spiderman and others were shot here.

  2. In May 1540, a Spanish shipper drove by Hernando de Soto and crossed Columbia while moving north. The campaign showed the apparent records of the area, which was a touch of the local Cofitachequi chiefdom.

  3. Numerous business organizations have their headquarters in the city, joining Accident Insurance Company, the second-most noteworthy insurance agency in the country.

  4. Town Theater is currently the nation’s oldest performance center in relentless use. Found a square from the University of South Carolina, its playhouse is recorded on the National Register. Since 1917, the performance center has influenced plays and musicals of wide interest.

  5. Finlay Park in the city has basically everything from celebrations and political restores to street races and Easter Sunrise associations. The recreation center fell into slightness after the Civil War and filled in as a site for business wanders until the late 20th century.

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