Population of Jefferson city 2019

Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri and likewise the region seat of Cole County and an imperative city of the Jefferson City Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is named for Thomas Jefferson, the third pioneer of the country. The city is placed on the northern side of the Ozark Plateau on the south of the Missouri River. Frequently alluded to as Jeff, a considerable lot of Jefferson City’s essential businesses fall inside the administration and manufacturing enterprises, like other Midwestern capital urban communities. Jefferson City is additionally home to Lincoln University established in 1866 by the 62nd Regiment of U.S. colored Troops.

population Of Jefferson 2019

In terms of attractions, Prison Brews is a popular brewpub which has a huge collection of brew and some tasty food you will find only out here in the entire of Jefferson City. Also, it is a great place to chill and play some Boece Ball out here.


To discover the right numbers as far as the number of inhabitants in Jefferson City in 2019, we need to get the population information of the most recent 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2014 –43,892
  2. 2015 –44,018
  3. 2016 – 44,276
  4. 2017 – 44,482
  5. 2018 - 44,712

We check out the population numbers of Jefferson City from 2014-18 and from the information you can see the numbers have gone up by 820 over the most recent 5 years. In this manner, consistently it has been seen that the population increases by 164. By this, the number of inhabitants in Jefferson City in the year 2019 is anticipated to be 44,712 + 164 = 44,876. Consequently, the number of inhabitants in Jefferson City in 2019 according to evaluated figures = 44,876.

Jefferson Population 2019 - 44,876 Million (estimated)


As of the rundown of 2010, there were 43,079 individuals and 9,969 families living in the city. The racial mix of the city was 78.0% White, 14% Black, 1% Asian and 3.2% from no less than two races. Hispanic of any race was 3% of the aggregate population.


The population density is 462.7 persons per square kilometer. The population growth has been moderate and one purpose behind it is the nonappearance of people moving to this piece of the United States. As indicated by assessments, it is estimated that in the coming years the city will experience a good pace of population growth.


  1. Jay Nixon is the 55th legitimate pioneer of Missouri. He has a solid record of making education and enhancing government capacity, two segments that expected a liberal part in his re-election.

  2. The assessed normal family pay in Jefferson in 2012 was $44,263. That was for all intents and purposes $5,000 more than the evaluated pay in 2000. The unemployment rate in the time of 2014 was around 4.8%.

  3. The city was made particularly as the state capital of Missouri. Jefferson was merged as a city in 1839. While it was verbalized the estimated capital in 1821, St. Charles filled in as the capital until the point that the fundamental structures could be made in Jefferson City.

  4. Daniel Morgan Boone actually made the arrangement for Jefferson City and thus named after Thomas Jefferson. Daniel Morgan Boone also opened a salt business out in the city..

  5. A fire devastated the essential state house in Jefferson City in the year of 1837. Following three years, another building was made; anyway that one was wretchedly harmed when lightning struck the curve in 1911.

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