Population of Boston 2019

Boston is the capital and furthermore it is the largest city of Massachusetts in the U.S. It is the budgetary and social point of Greater Boston and the tenth-greatest metropolitan zone in the nation. The city has extended past the first landmass through land recovery and civil addition. Its rich history pulls in numerous travelers, with Faneuil Hallalone drawing in excess of 20 million tourists for each year.

population of Boston 2019

Families in the city have the most astounding rate of philanthropy in the United States; organizations and establishments rank among the best in the nation for ecological friendliness and venture. Boston as a city has the highest astounding expenses of living in the United States as it has experienced gentrification; however it stays high on world livability rankings.


To find out the correct numbers in terms of the population of Boston in 2019, we have to get the population data of the last 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2014 –655,880
  2. 2015 –662,589
  3. 2016 – 673,184
  4. 2017 – 682,454
  5. 2018 - 691,729

We go through the population numbers of Boston from 2014-18 and from data you can see the numbers have gone up by 35,849 in the last 5 years. Therefore, every year it has been seen that the population increases by 7169.8. By this, the population of Boston in the year 2019 is predicted to be 691,729 + 7169.8 = 698,898.8. Hence, the population of Boston in 2019 as per estimated figures = 698,898.8.

Boston Population 2019 - 698,898.8 Million (estimated)


Individuals of Irish origin make up 15.8% of the population in the city, trailed by Italians, representing 8% of the population. Individuals of West Indian and Caribbean lineage are another sizable gathering, at 6.0%, about portion of who are of Haitian ancestry. More than 30,000 Chinese Americans made their home in Boston city in 2013, and the city has a growing number of Chinese individuals that is growing at a very good rate.

As per a recent report, 57% of the number of inhabitants in the city recognized themselves as Christians, with 25% maintaining participation at a variety of places of worship that could be viewed as Protestant, and 29% pronouncing Roman Catholic convictions, while 33% claim no religious association.


The population density of the city is 5344 persons per square kilometer. Boston is encountering huge growth due to migration and also the Boston area grew by a massive 55,000 individuals after the 2010 Census and this was very evident from the 2013 assessments from the Census Bureau.

In 1990, the population of Boston comprised of 20% who were born outside, yet this number has developed to 27%. Many people come here for the most part from Latin America and Asia, mostly for science occupations. By righteousness of this migration boom, the city’s population is additionally turning young, as practically 33% of its population is 20-34, which is more vivacious than most other colossal urban locales in the nation.


  1. In the prior year in Boston you didn’t require a test to get a driver’s permit.

  2. The Bridge of the Boston University is the zone of a global phenomenal wonder.

  3. From the year of 1631 to around 1890, the city went on to triple its zone via zone recovery by filling in marshes and holes between wharves along the waterfront.

  4. Boston was home to the principal US chocolate generation line.

  5. The primary American beacon or lighthouse was made in Boston Harbor in the year of 1716.

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