Population of Minneapolis 2019

Minneapolis as a city is the locale seat of Hennepin County and the largest city of Minnesota. The city and Saint Paul is imperative financial hub in the Midwest, after Chicago. As a basic relationship with the global economy, it is ranked as a global city. Known mostly for its music and arts, the city is home to the striking First Avenue night club. Mirroring its status as an epicenter of people, rock music, and the city filled in as the take off stage for a few of the twentieth century’s most persuading performers, including Bob Dylan.

population of Minneapolis 2019

The city is well known for its chilly winters. Fortunately, the citizens can stay warm with the Minneapolis Skyway, an indoor walkway framework that connects different downtown structures. Additionally, the Mall of America out here is a major attraction with almost everything within the mall in the form of restaurants, theme park, cinema hall and hundreds of stores.


To discover the right numbers as far as the number of inhabitants in Minneapolis in 2019, we need to get the population information of the most recent 5 years. They are as per the following:

  1. 2014 –407,207
  2. 2015 –410,939
  3. 2016 – 416,611
  4. 2017 – 422,289
  5. 2018 - 427,963

We check out the population numbers of Minneapolis from 2014-18 and from the information you can see the numbers have gone up by 20,756 over the most recent 5 years. In this manner, consistently it has been seen that the population increases by 4151.2. By this, the number of inhabitants in Minneapolis in the year 2019 is anticipated to be 427,963 + 4151.2 = 432,114.2. Consequently, the number of inhabitants in Minneapolis in 2019 according to evaluated figures = 432,114.2.

Minneapolis Population 2019 - 432,114.2 Million (estimated)


White Americans comprised of around three-fifths of the population. Strangely, there are around 82,870 German Americans in Minneapolis, making up 23% of the population of the city. Moreover, there are 4,434 Danish Americans.


The population density of Minneapolis is 2890 persons per square kilometer. The city as of late is growing around half the pace of Seattle; it will achieve this objective on the off chance that the city goes on a continuous fast population growth rate. By 2040, it’s feasible for the city to achieve its fundamental high of 522,000 in the mid 50’s. It is difficult to state if the city can proceed with the broad growth it has found in the most recent three years.


  1. The famous inventor of the pop up toaster, Charles Strite, was born in the city. After a few years, he propelled his growth in a comparative city.

  2. The city is prevalent for its chilly winters. Fortunately, Minneapolis occupants can stay warm with the Minneapolis Skyway, an indoor walkway framework that partners different downtown structures. Exploring 69 squares and seven miles, it is the longest unending skyway framework on the planet.

  3. In 2012, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis supported the world’s first Internet Cat Video Festival, which was a festival of feline videos on the Internet. Around 10,000 individuals appeared for the occasion.

  4. Cool open workmanship isn’t constrained to in vogue shoreline front urban regions. With 11 portions of terrains where there is in excess of 40 unending craftsmanship establishments, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is the greatest urban model greenery fenced in region in the nation.

  5. The Mississippi River connects from northern parts of Minnesota to stretching out to the Gulf of Mexico. While different urban regions lie along the channel’s field.

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